Life Overview, Life Advice

Hello, all my faithful followers. I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with blogging. I’m far busier than I realized I’d be. I want to blog once or twice a month, but that doesn’t seem to be happening . . .


So what’s keeping me so busy? I’ll give a quick overview and then I want to list 10 pieces of advice that I’ve gleaned over 2016. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Ecuador! I’m spending this holiday very differently from what I’m used to.


This evening the CHILI team along with some of the missionaries on the compound are gathering for a potluck (or should I say pot-thankful?) Thanksgiving cookout. Hamburgers, potato salad, chips, cake. No turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, or pies. Even though it’s different and I’m missing the family reunion going on right now in Oklahoma, I’m looking forward to making these new memories.

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Life in Ecuador

I have been in Ecuador for over a week now. It is a typical night in Shell. Lots of crickets,  stray dogs barking, and muffled pop music coming from the gym.


Things are very different here—more different than I had expected. I did have some knowledge of what things would be like in Ecuador because both my grandparents and parents were missionaries here. I’ve seen pictures and I’ve heard a lot about the culture and climate. But experiencing it all is completely different.  Continue reading

Ecuador Bound

I can hardly believe that I’m leaving in five days. Five. It probably won’t hit me fully until I’m flying out of El Paso.

Ecuador Bound

It’s been really hard for me these past two weeks. I’ve lived in the same city and home for twenty-one years. I know all my favorite places and home by heart, and I know my way around our big city. I’m going to miss it all. Continue reading